Disney Dreamlight multiplayer: how to unlock valley visits

Disney Dreamlight Valley - a player wearing cat ears and a sweater takes a selfie pointing nervously to a rainbow Valley Visits teleporter while MIckey and Goofy pose nearby
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Now that it has fully launched, Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer is finally available for all players. Though we'd known co-op was in Dreamlight Valley's future, we'd been waiting to find out exactly how it works. At the moment, multiplayer activities are pretty limited in Disney Dreamlight Valley, unfortunately. I'm definitely hoping that Gameloft will expand multiplayer features in the future because at present there isn't actually much playing to be done together.

Down below I'll walk you through how to unlock the multiplayer features in Dreamlight Valley, how to invite your friends, and what exactly you can do while in co-op.

How to unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer 

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Before you can visit or invite friends in Dreamlight Valley, you'll need to place a Valley Visit Station. Here's how to unlock the multiplayer teleporter:

  • Complete at least Vanellope's level 2 friendship quest "Extreme Biome Makeover "
  • Talk to Vanellope to receive the Valley Visit Station
  • Place the Valley Visit Station in any outdoor space

Once the Visit Station is placed, you can open up your island to visitors. Read on below for specifics on inviting your friends.

If it's been a while since you've played and you don't yet have Vanellope in your valley, talk to Scrooge McDuck to receive the quest The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley. Proceed with that quest and build Vanellope's home, then raise her friendship to level 2 in order to receive the Valley Visit Station.

How to play co-op Disney Dreamlight Valley 

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  • Interact with the Valley Visit Station
  • Select "Open up a connection for Valley Visits!"
  • Take note of the six-digit code and give it to a friend
  • If you are receiving a code, select "Multiplayer" from the main menu
  • Enter the six-digit code to join your friend's island

What can you do in multiplayer Disney Dreamlight Valley? 

At 1.0 launch, Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer is pretty limited. You basically can't interact with anything in your valley other than Scrooge's store while visiting or hosting a friend. 

Here's what you can do while in multiplayer: 

  • Invite up to 3 friends at once
  • Buy items from Scrooge's store
  • Change your outfits
  • Pick flowers, but not foraged items
  • Drop items from your inventory or pick up dropped items
  • Find and collect Pixel Shards, which can only be found in multiplayer

Here's what you cannot do while in multiplayer: 

  • Use any of your tools
  • Talk with villagers
  • Cook or harvest food
  • Complete quests
  • Decorate your home or island

An important note about buying from Scrooge is that he'll only sell one of each item in his store per day, meaning that you can let your friend buy an item, but only if you weren't hoping to purchase it yourself. At the moment, Disney Dreamlight Valley is mostly good for village tours and trading items but that's about it, since you can't do any normal activities together.

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