Disney arrives on Steam, brings Split/Second

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Split Second

In the gaming space, Disney is most notable for now owning (and effectively closing) LucasArts, which is most notable for being notable decades ago. But Disney also operates as a publisher, and many of their games have now appeared on Steam. While their newly digitised catalogue isn't going to trouble the top sellers list, there are a couple of titles worth looking at.

Perhaps the most obvious is Split/Second; the explosive racing game, widely described as a sort of Michael Bay take on the arcade speedy-car genre. I seem to be in the minority of people who don't like it—finding it to be filled with annoying rubber-banding that essentially invalidates the entirety of a race before the final corner. It does have impressive and track-altering environment destruction, though, and, for some, that could well be enough to overlook its dumber points.

Also released is Epic Mickey 2, the improbable Warren Spector-led platformer. That game was previously available on PC only in Eastern Europe, so for many, this will be their first chance to try Spector's twisted mousecapade.

In addition, we get Pure, Tron: Evolution and a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Traveller's Tales Lego game. And Disney's Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree Animated Storybook. You can see the full catalogue over at the launch-week sale page (opens in new tab).

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