Bethesda teases Dishonored's next DLC

Dishonored 's last DLC, the Knife of Dunwall , followed the story of Daud, the assassin who went all stabbity-stab-stab in the wake of ruthlessly slaughtering the Empress. Look, everyone mourns in their own way, right? In this case, it looks like the fella will be receiving some sort of closure soon—Bethesda today unveiled two new pieces artwork for the next DLC, The Brigmore Witches, ahead of the release of more information tomorrow.

The first murk-tinged concept art was tweeted by the Dishonored Twitter account with the caption "Daud's journey concludes, more details tomorrow." I'm not sure, but it looks as though that lady is standing in the remains of what was once a sweet gaming den. Art #2, tweeted by Bethblog , looks even creepier, with the assassin staring intently at a boarded-up house his vantage point in a graveyard. Speculate away; your PC Gamer news team will be standing by for the release of information tomorrow.