Dishonored video shows mission walkthrough, emergent stealth, stabbing and brutal grenades

[VAMS id="Mmzc7CsPTo2wT"]

Here's CVG 's Tim Clark talking to lead technical designer, Matt Bare about some of the ideas going into Dishonored. A huge toolbox of skills allows you to take on Dishonored's targets with brutal creativity. As master assassin, Corvo, you can freeze time, blast enemies off rooftops and possess any living creature you see, including the humans perched atop Dunwall's sinister strider guards.

All this and more was on show in the mission walkthrough that's been shown at E3 this week. This IGN video shows two different approaches to the same mission. One involves a rampage with a hand-crossbow and some scary shredder mines, the other involves possessing a fish. Check it out.

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