Dishonored trailer shows first in-game footage, slow motion murder, gorgeous cityscapes

The touch of Half-Life 2 artist, Viktor Antonov is clear to see in the new Dishonored trailer. That stately, stained old London architecture meshes perfectly with the strange technology, searchlights and silhouetted whaler vessels of Dunwall. It provides a seedy but unique backdrop to the close quarters murdering we'll be doing as master assassin, Corvo.

As trailers go, it's violent, evocative and exciting, and actually takes the time to show us what we'll be doing in the game, unlike certain recent efforts . Read our Dishonored preview for our early impressions and watch our video interview with Harvey Smith and Raf Colantonio for more on the influences that inspired Dishonored. It's out on October 9 in the US, October 11 in Australia, and October 12 in Europe.

Tom Senior

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