Dishonored: No Trace, episode 4: Somebody Ring the Alarm

In this week's episode of No Trace, I ruin Lady Boyle's masquerade ball with a bit of planning, a lot of luck, and a relatively small amount of unplanned crisis. By my standards - and if you've watched the previous episodes in the series, you can make up your own mind about how low that particular bar is set—this is probably the purest execution of the No Trace concept so far. At least in so far as I don't have to deal with rubber aristocrats or murder innocent people to cover my inept backside. As ever, spoilers within.

As everyone's favourite flying passive-aggressive is fond of telling us, this really will be Lady Boyle's last party. Ladies will move. Gentlemen will move. Somebody will ring an alarm. There may or may not be a fire on the roof.

(There isn't actually a fire on the roof. Nor can I, by the game's rules, throw any elbows. I will throw a few more Corvo kicks, however.)

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Chris Thursten

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