Dishonored: No Trace, episode 3: Sokolov & I

It's No Trace time again! In case you were wondering, 'No Trace Time' is now defined as 'once a week, pretty much.' Thank you for your continued understanding. In this week's episode, I tackle Kaldwin's Bridge in pursuit of the Royal Physician, Anton Sokolov - all the while attempting to leave no evidence of Corvo's involvement whatsoever.

There are a number of obstacles in my way this time around, not least the fact that the mission is a kidnapping, not a murder: so no more fatal staircase montages . I also deal with my own somewhat severe respiratory problems, Sokolov's prodigious vomiting, disappointingly small explosions, and the only perceptive guard I've ever encountered. Guest starring Corvo's magic frictionless backside and the problem-solving man-punting that it facilitates.

If you're new to No Trace, start here. Find part four here, where I can breathe again, and don't need to edit six different coughing fits out of the commentary track. 

Chris Thursten

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