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Dishonored: No Trace, episode 1: Applied Rat Science for Beginners

Taking on Dishonored's High Overseer without leaving a trace is actually fairly straightforward. The mission directly supports it, and you can see how that approach plays out in the original 'Three Extreme Approaches' video that led to this diary series. So, in the name of finding a better way I've decided to forgo the road most traveled and find a creative new way of toppling Dunwall's most senior religious authority. Using man-eating rats.

As you'll see, it took a bit of experimentation in order to figure the most effective means of ushering a man to his furry, plague-ridden demise. Along the way, there were accidents. There were regrets. There were casualties. Innocents will die. Rats will frolic. No-one will care about a dog.

Check out the prologue to No Trace for more, and find part two here.

Chris Thursten
Chris is the editor of PC Gamer Pro. After many years spent turning beautiful trees into magazines, he now oversees our online coverage of competitive gaming and esports.