Dishonored 2's latest trailer is a blood-splattered pop-up book

With spotlight trailers, system requirement news, and live-action shorts spilling from its stealth-meets-slaughter seams, the multitude of Dishonored 2 news hitting our PC telly boxes at the moment signals it's almost upon us. November 11 is when it's due and its latest trailer wants to teach us more about Arkane's latest venture by virtue of a illustrated pop-up book. 

"There's always a choice," says the narrator. "Mercy or revenge? Saviour or assassin?" Now, we've seen plenty of this dichotomy in motion before now, however this latest video marks a cool way of repackaging it all the same. Over to you, Outsider:

My mental arithmetic is so bad that it took me until halfway through Monday afternoon to realise that November 11 is actually next Friday. I suddenly got excited because, while I haven't played Dishonored 2 myself yet, what I've read of Chris and Shaun's early impressions has me psyched. Well, that and the deluge of trailers that've surfaced over the past month or so. 

Last week, James sat alongside Arkane Studio's Harvey Smith and Dinga Bakaba where they talked him through his majestic kills and brutal fails. Naturally, there's massive spoilers in there but it's worth a quick squint if you're still sat on the fence with this one.