Disgaea 4 Complete+ is coming to PC later this year

Disgaea 4 Complete is the next in the series to get a belated PC port - great news if you're craving another 100+ hour tactical JRPG. As the trailer above reveals, it's coming this fall (spring in Australia) and will release on both Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

I played a tiny bit of Disgaea 4 on PS3 back in the day, and if you've already dipped into the Disgaea ports already available on Steam, well: it's more of that. The fourth entry did introduce a pretty neat online feature involving pirate ships and invading other players' games, but the main course is exactly what you'd expect: tactics slathered in eye-grazing colour and saccharine whimsy. 

Disgaea 3 is the only main game in the series still trapped on ye olde Sony consoles, but I wouldn't be surprised if it comes to PC some time next year. Likewise, the Prinny platformer offshoots, which are coming to Nintendo Switch later this year, will likely get a PC port down the line.

The Disgaea series can be pretty intimidating for newcomers, especially if the massive Disgaea 5 is where you're starting. Austin wrote about how to get into Disgaea a few years ago, and it all holds true today.

Shaun Prescott

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