Dirty Bomb open beta starts next week

Dirty Bomb

What is Dirty Bomb?

It's a free-to-play online FPS.

That was easy. What, you want more? Fine. Here's a trailer released ahead of the game's open beta release next week. It features members of Splash Damage doing the most British thing one can do: sitting politely in a pub, promptly answering the questions asked by that evening's designated Question Friend. It's a rollicking good time.

"On Tuesday, June 2nd, Dirty Bomb will enter Open Beta," writes Splash Damage. "No more access keys, no more buy-in, no more raffles, no more sign-ups; anyone in our service area that wants to play Dirty Bomb can download it through the Steam client and play for free!"

Splash Damage promises more features, more maps and new mercs as the open beta rolls on. The Dirty Bomb open beta starts June 2.

Phil Savage

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