How to open Mutterlock Chests in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Mutterlock Chest
(Image credit: Blizzard)

The Diablo 4 Mutterlock Chests are a possible puzzle you can happen upon when venturing into the game's dark, enemy-ridden dungeons. Like the symbol-based cellar puzzle you might find, Mutterlock Chests require a little more thought than your average random event or enemy encounter.

You're most likely to stumble upon one of these chests if you're doing lots of Nightmare Dungeons to level your Glyphs, or in the hopes of getting yourself a fancy Unique item, but these puzzles can also appear in regular dungeons. So, here's how to open the Diablo 4 Mutterlock Chest.  

How to open a Mutterlock Chest

When you find a Mutterlock Chest while exploring a dungeon and try to open it, you'll be prompted with a series of phrases you need to choose from. The correct phrase unseals the Resplendent Chest so you can open it, while the others will make it disappear into thin air. So, how do you know the correct phrase to pick? 

In the nearby vicinity of the chest, you'll find three small monuments bearing inscriptions that resemble those in the screens above. These are called the Birth Inscription, the Life Inscription, and the Death Inscription, and when you activate each one it'll speak a word to you that will also be listed in the speech section in the bottom left of the screen. Together, these three words form the phrase that you need to use on the chest to unseal it. The trick is that the words need to be in order, i.e. birth, life, death

With the chest above, for example, I found them in the wrong order. My Life Inscription was et, my Death Inscription was Palox, and my Birth Inscription was Vemp. Accounting for the order, that means the phrase I needed to select to open the chest was "Vemp et Palox". Select the phrase and the chest will unseal so you can grab your well-earned loot. 

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