How to solve the cellar puzzle in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 cellar puzzle
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The Diablo 4 cellar puzzle is one of the many random events you can happen upon in Sanctuary's mini-dungeons, referred to as "cellars". While exploring the wilds you'll often find these little caves or ruined buildings filled with enemies or wounded adventurers, but every so often you'll find a puzzle to solve instead, and that's where this encounter comes in.

In the cellar, you'll find a set of nine stone tiles with symbols, but when you stand on them, they just explode—puzzling, huh? Speaking of strange riddles, you might also be scratching your head over the Secret of the Spring quest and how to finish that. Either way, here's how to complete the Diablo 4 cellar puzzle event and step on those mysterious symbols.

How to use the cellar puzzle symbols

Since the cellar puzzle event seems to randomly occur in the cellars you find across Sanctuary, it may be a little while before you encounter it. Instead of slaying the mini-dungeon's occupants, you'll have to complete a little puzzle that involves standing on tiles with certain symbols. The solution may seem obvious at first; each row has a symbol at the end of it, so you stand on that symbol in each row of three. But as the tile explodes and the puzzle resets, you'll realise this is only half right.

To purge the cellar you need to step on the symbol displayed for each row, but dodge away before it blows up. It'll still explode, but provided you weren't caught in the blast, the row will disappear, indicating you've completed that one. The timing for this is very tight, so make sure your evade isn't on cooldown and dodge away as soon as you step on. The good news is you seem to be able to try this as many times as you need, or at least as many as your health potions will allow. Do this for all three rows and you'll complete the puzzle to get yourself a nice little treasure chest. 

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