Diablo 3 livestream

Update: The livestream has ended and the prizes are being shipped out! Thanks for tuning in!

The PCG Action News team will be live on the scene in Diablo 3 in just 10 short minutes! Head on over to our livestream page to follow our exploits in the world of Sanctuary and join the chatroom. We have four of each Diablo-branded SteelSeries headsets, mice and mousepads. We'll be giving away one every 15 minutes for 3 hours to a random person in the chatroom (U.S. residents only, sorry). So stay tuned for your chance to win!

Prize winners

Diablo III SteelSeries Headset

  1. Olsenz
  2. Wigler
  3. Vancage
  4. Tentaclemeow

Diablo III SteelSeries Mousepad

  1. Feathersword
  2. Mowanza
  3. Fizzgig21
  4. Arkile147

Diablo III SteelSeries Mouse

  1. Perfectblaze
  2. Stottt
  3. Alderune
  4. Exolance

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