Devolver apologises to Fall Guys players whose keys were accidentally refunded

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Yesterday, a number of Argentinian Fall Guys players took to Twitter and the Fall Guys subreddit to complain that keys purchased legitimately on the game's official website were suddenly and unexpectedly refunded. "The key you received belongs to a batch exploited by scammers looking to turn a quick profit," read the message sent to players. "As a result, we have disabled all keys in the batch and have issued refunds to all affected customers."

Here's the issue, though: players had originally paid 325 ARS, or around $4.50/£3, for those keys. But Devolver—who say the original price was a mistake—had subsequently raised the price to 720 ARS, or around $10/£7.50. This meant refunded players who purchased legitimate keys are now unable to repurchase the game at the price they first paid.

Devolver Digital has now released an official statement, saying "We made a mistake which resulted in the cancellation of legitimate keys purchased by our community and we apologize unreservedly for our unfortunate error." The statement goes on to claim that affected players can contact Devolver in order to "recover their copy of the game".

In a statement to PC Gamer, Devolver clarified this further. Players affected by either issue will receive free keys soon.