Destiny 2's latest update adds Masterwork weapons, changes engram drop rates, and fixes Mercury's cannon

The latest Destiny 2 update—, "the one after Curse of Osiris"—is now live, bringing with it Masterwork weapons, engram changes, Leviathan and Trials changes, and (this is the big one) a fix for the 60+ fps bug that was turning PC Guardians into greasy smears on the wall. 

Okay, that's not actually the big one, but it's the most amusing. As we reported yesterday, a bug in the expansion was causing Destiny 2 players running at over 60 fps to die on impact after being fired by the new cannons on Mercury. Funny, yes, but the real impact (so to speak) on players is that it effectively locked them out of public events on Mercury. So comedy value aside, it is actually a much-needed fix. 

Legendary and Exotic engrams have been adjusted down for public events and up for Strikes and Crucible matches, a change that probably won't make players happy but nonetheless needed to be made. Faction vendors now have individual pieces of Legendary gear for sale that can be purchased with Legendary shards and Faction tokens, and Zavala, Shaxx, and Tess Everis also now sell Fireteam Gift consumables that provide rewards at the end of specific activities. 

The Masterwork weapons announced a couple of weeks ago are also live: Legendary weapons can now drop as Masterworks for players above Power level 250, which grants them randomized bonuses and Orb generation on multikills. More importantly, they give players something else to chase, and thus a reason to keep coming back to the action. 

A number of smaller fixes have been made—Cayde's stash rewards won't just disappear into the ground anymore, for one—and we already know about the biggest among them: The Prestige Leviathan raid has been reduced to 300 Power so that it's accessible to all players, Prestige rewards will no longer drop guaranteed 330 Power items, and Trials of the Nine will be accessible to all players as long as a Curse of Osiris map isn't in the rotation.

And in case you'd forgotten, the Prometheus Lens trace rifle has been "fixed," which is to say that it's been nerfed into wet pudding and will remain that way until sometime next year. (Tim just took it for a run and confirmed that it's now "legit unusable.") 

The full patch notes are available at

Andy Chalk

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