Watch how Destiny 2's new public event splatter-kills PC players for running at high framerates

Between locked endgame content (opens in new tab) and a hideously broken exotic (opens in new tab), Destiny 2 has hit some rough patches lately. And while its new Curse of Osiris DLC is fun, it doesn't address the game's fundamental problems. (Thankfully, Tim has (opens in new tab).) 

That said, I'm surprised nobody's talking about the real elephant in the room: the new public event on Mercury, the DLC's main planet. It's an enjoyable, surprisingly in-depth event, (opens in new tab) but it also hates PC gamers, especially those of us with powerful video cards. 

As Bungie noted in its last weekly update (opens in new tab), jumping through the cannons used to reach the event's far-off platforms can be hazardous if you're running the game above 60 FPS. This can cause you to overshoot your landing and splatter your guardian all over the wall. It doesn't matter what FPS you're playing at—90, 120 or even 144 . If you're above 60, you're probably getting insta-smushed.

I guess it's just about perfect. The real final boss in the game isn't the megalomanical Cabal leader Ghaul, or the scheming Vex mind Panoptes. It's an inannimate metal ring. Sometimes the reviews write themselves.

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Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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