Destiny 2's E3 demo line hits capacity 3 minutes after doors open

The patient masses, watching what they're waiting hours to see.

Whether or not you're personally excited for Destiny 2, the hype certainly seems to be real on the E3 show floor this year. Only three minutes after the doors opened for the first day of E3 this morning, the public line to play Destiny 2 was already completely full and had to be closed.

The news came in the form of a tweet from Bungie marketing director Eric Osborne. It's not unusual for E3 lines to be crazy long, but this is fast by any stretch of the imagination. Our own Tim Clark sent the picture above to show a glimpse of people in line, who have now been waiting for over an hour and a half to play the brief E3 demo.

The attendees in line "seemed happy enough," said Tim, who talked to three groups. Many of those he encountered came to E3 just for Destiny, and didn't appear surprised by the long wait.

The massive line was almost certainly impacted by the decision to make E3 open to the public this year. It's fair to assume the lines won't stay open much longer than this any other day this week, so if you do happen to be at E3 this year and want to play Destiny 2, get there very early—we also have a few other tips that can help first-timers get through the event. 

Nvidia shared the first footage of Destiny 2 running on PC earlier today, and I'm happy to say we'll be bringing you our own PC recording of Destiny 2 very soon. Just yesterday we learned the PC release date had been set for late October, and we also got a chance to speak with game director Luke Smith about some of Destiny 2's PC specific features.

Tom Marks
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