Destiny 2: The best way to farm Spectral Pages during Festival of the Lost

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Destiny 2 Spectral Pages are a vital part of the Festival of the Lost halloween event. Just like last year, you can get them—along with a shedload of candy—by completing a variety of activities, but to manifest these spooky scribbles into their true form, you have to finish the special seasonal mode: Haunted Sectors.

In this activity, you head into Lost Sectors across the system and fight some spectral champions called Headless Ones. This not only rewards you with candy, as you explode them like Pinatas, but it manifests your pages so they can be converted into lore books. More importantly, it gives you a load of weapons when you finish the activity, and with the new Mechabre Sniper Rifle and new perk pools for the older weapons, they are well worth farming.

But first, you're going to have to get some pages, and presumably, you'll want the fastest method of doing it. In this Destiny 2 Spectral Pages guide, I'll explain the best methods of farming them, as well as how the entire conversion process works in order to get you some guns.

How to get Spectral Pages

Once you've received a mask from Eva, you need to wear it during activities in order to earn Spectral Pages and candy. Here's what you can earn by doing various activities with it equipped: 

  • Strikes and Nightfalls: 350 candy and 5 Spectral Pages
  • Lost Sectors and Legend Lost Sectors: 1 Spectral Page
  • Public Events: 180 candy and 2 Spectral Pages
  • Heroic Public events: 210 candy and 2 Spectral Pages
  • Crucible: 235 candy and 3 Spectral Pages, plus 8 candy per kill
  • Gambit: 245 candy and 3 Spectral Pages

In terms of the most time-efficient solo method, Public Events are the best activity for farming Spectral Pages and candy. If you head to a destination like the EDZ, Nessus, or the Cosmodrome, you can do a circuit around the map, completing each Public Event as it becomes active. Since those events are very quick to finish, you'll be able to get a lot of Spectral Pages in a short amount of time as well as some candy with which to purchase Grab Bags from Eva.

If you have someone else to play with, then the second mission of the Witch Queen campaign, Investigation, is apparently also a great method for farming pages. As laid out in this video by Aztecross, the essence of the farm is to run the mission normally with a fireteam member until you get to the 'Rendezvous with the Contact' step, then one of you needs to change character in order to keep the checkpoint. This will let you complete the mission to get 9 Spectral Pages, and keep rotating characters so you can farm the encounter.

That said, if you don't have other characters, own the Witch Queen, or just want to get the pages solo, Public Events are definitely the way to go.

How to get Manifested Pages

When you've got your Spectral Pages, you need to convert them into Manifested Pages by completing a Haunted Sector from the Tower destination. The number of pages converted will depend on you defeating Headless Ones in the activity, but so long as you beat ten in the time limit you'll convert 13 pages, which is the maximum number you can do each run.  You summon Headless Ones by standing in the summoning circles that appear during the activity.

Converting Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages will also give you more rewards from the weapon pool of Mechabre, Jurassic Green, Braytech Werewolf, and that potential masterworked Horror Story from the chest at the end of the activity. Since the halloween weapons now have the Search Party origin trait, which allows for faster aim down sights, some of them are pretty decent in PvP.

You then use Manifested Pages to unlock lore books at the podium next to Eva, and while these might not interest you so much, they are directly tied to the challenges you can find in the event card in the quest menu. Unlocking 18 will get you the Pulp Texture shader, while 28 will give you the Exotic Coffin Nail ship. You'll also get some event tickets for your trouble.

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