Destiny 2 Gambit Prime armor set perks: pick the right Gambit Prime role for you

Destiny 2's Season of the Drifter introduces Gambit Prime, an elite version of Gambit that condenses the competitive co-op mode into one gruelling round topped out with a tough Primeval boss fight. You can learn how to topple the boss with the help of our how to kill the Primeval in Destiny 2 quickly guide, but for an added edge consider equipping Gambit Prime armour sets.

The sets give you extra passive abilities that make you better at one of four battlefield roles: Reaper, Collector, Sentry, and Invader. Below you will find an overview of each role and its perks. 

To activate them you need consume the role's Synth for an automatic +3 buff, and then augment it with multiple armour pieces. In the first week of the expansion it's impossible to reach the top level, but it looks like we'll be able to augment gear in future weeks by completing bounties and running the Reckoning gauntlet.


Specialises in clearing basic enemies quickly to spawn as many motes as possible. 

Here are the perks in Bungie's words.

Reaper +3: High-Value Tracker
Damaging a high-value target or non-Primeval ultra marks it and weakens it for allies.

Reaper +6: Pinata of Death
Rapidly Defeating multiple combatants drops Special ammo for allies.

Reaper +10: Long-Lasting Flavour
Motes you generate have an increased lifetime.

Reaper +15: Major Rewards
Defeating powerful enemies grants a temporary surge in grenade recharge rate.


Once the reaper has helped the team clear basic enemies, collectors can swoop in to gather them. The first perk alleviates one of the most agonising moments you can experience in Gambit: losing all your motes when you die. The overshield is super useful as well.

Collector +3: Inheritance
Drop a portion of your carried Motes on death.

Collector +6: Umbral Armor
Rapidly picking up 5 motes grants an overshield.

Collector +10: Cashback
Gain Kinetic and Energy ammo whenever you bank.

Collector +15: High-Yield Savings
Carry up to 20 Motes. This enables you to send Giant Blockers to the enemy team.


A multi-tasking fixer that specialises in clearing blockers and taking out invaders. Lingering blockers drain your motes in Gambit Prime, so a good Sentry can stop your team from backsliding. Health regeneration near the bank may prove useful when you're hunting Envoys during the Primeval phase.

Sentry 3+: Umbral Strike
Multikills grant a damage buff against Taken. Clears when you damage a Taken combatant. Stacks up to 5x

Sentry +6: Safe and Sound
Standing near the bank triggers health regeneration

Sentry +10: Invader Tracker
Damaging an Invader marks them for your teammates.

Sentry +15: Light of the Defender
You and nearby allies are granted maximum resilience, mobility, and recovery while in the Well of Light.


Invaders love to jump through the portal to kill Guardians on the other side. This can force them to drop motes in the collection phase, and can heal their Primeval back up during the boss fight. The bank robber perk sounds like an outstanding way to troll the opposing team, but surely the team will kill you quickly for trying.

Invader +3: Assassin's Munitions
While Invading, ammo slowly trickles to your Kinetic and Energy weapons over time.

Invader +6: Lethal Defense
Grants an improved Invasion overshield.

Invader +10: Killmonger
Each Guardian defeated while Invading grants a temporary damage bonus once you return to your own arena.

Invader +15: Bank Robber
Invading locks the enemy's bank. Stand near the locked bank to drain motes.

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