How to get 21% Delirium in Destiny 2's Season of the Drifter

Of the three new Pinnacle weapons introduced in Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter, the 21% Delirium machine gun exudes the most style. With a name cheekily referencing the chemical composition of the atmosphere, it’s only logical that the brash Drifter offers it for Guardians who really, really love Gambit.

Sporting a weapon type that’s quickly become in vogue among Forsaken’s more boldly characteristic gun designs, Delirium rocks a blistering 900 rounds per minute rate of fire—that puts it up there with the fastest SMGs—and a deep 105-round magazine. 

Its perk combo of Killing Tally and Overflow is all but missing the red bandana, the former increasing damage per kill as long as you keep Delirium deployed while the latter refills extra rounds whenever you pick up Special or Heavy ammo bricks. Its deadly sustainability signifies the overall strength of machine guns in the current PvP scene, but it’s also a fantastic mob-masher for hammering immense pressure on brawny Elite or Boss enemies in PvE. Here’s how to get one.

Pick up the “By Your Bootstraps” Pursuit from the Drifter in the Tower 

Like all Pursuits, you’ll need to keep this in your inventory to get credit. It’ll point you to the “Notorious Hustle” Triumph in the Gambit Career section.

Complete the “Notorious Hustle” Triumph in Gambit: 75 multikills, defeat Envoys and Primevals, and reset your Infamy rank

If you don’t like Gambit, then boy howdy did you pick the wrong grind. Don’t worry about the multikills, Envoys, and Primevals—you’ll naturally complete these criteria by typical play in Gambit matches. Your Infamy rank is another matter, as you’ll need to climb 16 ranks to achieve the final Legend title and be able to reset back to rank 1. Up to Legend, you’ll be able to earn rank points from both wins and losses, but once crossing 12,000 points, you’ll only earn points from wins until reaching the maximum of 15,000. The entire ordeal is more time-consuming than difficult—expect to work on this for days, if not weeks—but you can luckily cash in Gambit and Gambit Prime Bounties whenever possible to speed up the slog. 21% Delirium will be yours once you’ve earned the Triumph.

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