How to get the End of the Rainbow transmat in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 End of the Rainbow - Saint 14 with a pride rainbow wallpaper
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The End of the Rainbow transmat effect is a free reward that Bungie is giving to all players in celebration of National Coming Out day. The official Bungie blog post is a great source of info if you want to know why this day is important to so many, or if you're personally in need of support. 

"The act of coming out is not limited to a single day, a single month, or even a single year," says the blog post. "It is a journey whose only destination is to be your truest self, and no matter where you are on your path, you deserve to shine. We're proud today to release the End of the Rainbow transmat effect permanently for all players to give a venue for that shine."

If you want to get the End of the Rainbow transmat effect for yourself, here's the code you'll need and how you can redeem it. The blog post also features some special wallpapers for Destiny 2's queer characters as part of the celebration.

How to get the End of the Rainbow transmat 

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You can get the code for End of the Rainbow from the official Bungie blog post about National Coming Out day. It's not often that players need to redeem Bungie codes, so here's a refresher on how to unlock the transmat for your characters and, more importantly, the code you'll need. 

  •  R9J79MJ6C - End of the Rainbow transmat 

To redeem it, you'll need to: 

  • Head to the Bungie code redemption page
  • Log in to your account
  • Copy the code into the box and hit redeem
  • Claim the transmat from Master Rahool in the Tower

After you've unlocked it,  all you need to do is slot it into your chosen ship to start basking in those rainbows every time you respawn.

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