How to activate Destiny 2 cross save

How to do Destiny 2 cross save
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The Destiny 2 cross save system lets you carry on with your spacefaring regardless of your chosen platform, and that includes Google Stadia. While for many of you that'll be PC, there will be those that have spent numerous hours leveling characters on console with their non-PC pals, so we're here to help.

Activating cross saves is one part of the Destiny 2 Steam transfers process as Bungie moves away from Blizzard's The system is live now, and you're going to want to switch over before the October 1 release date of the next major expansion, Shadowkeep.

Here we're going to walk you through each step in enabling cross saves in Destiny 2 so your long-lost Guardians can be reunited once more. It's quick and simple, for the most part, so let's get into it.

How to do Destiny cross saves

First, you need to log in to Then, if you have an account on, you're going to have to get your account ready for the Steam switch over, first. Once the October 1 deadline passes, you will not be able to play Destiny 2 on, and it's unclear at the moment what that will mean for your account. Regardless, it's best to spend the few minutes it takes migrating your progress to Valve's platform as soon as possible.

Next, you need to decide the account you would like to use across each platform. While you can only choose one, this isn't a permanent decision; you can always reverse your choice if you get cold feet, but there is a 90-day wait. If you've been flitting between platforms up to this point, it's worth considering which account is your favourite, and sticking with it. 

If you've only been playing on PC so far, Bungie is making it nice and simple for you to progress on consoles should you want to. Destiny 2: New Light sees all year one content for Bungie's action-MMO go free-to-play, so you can whack the game on whichever platform you want. That said, that doesn't mean you can play across platforms in real time; Destiny 2 cross play won't be possible at the launch of Shadowkeep, but Bungie is interested in the idea.

If you're already a console player, then you must hit the 'Link Account' button, input your information, and then choose the account you want to progress. Each account will show your Power level and your Silver balance. Note: Silver can only be kept on the account on which it was purchased.

Now the Destiny 2 cross saves service is live, the gear and loot of your chosen account should appear when you next log in, so you can now show off your hard-earned Destiny 2: Solstice armor to your friends regardless of platform. That said, there are some other important points to mention:

  • Like Silver, the expansions and Annual passes are locked to platform on which you bought them. If you want them on another, you'll have to buy them again there.
  • The Destiny 2 cross saves service is completely free.
  • Until Shadowkeep launches on October 1, you'll be cross saving between consoles and Additional content transfers to Steam for free.
  • Your active cross save account will only be part of a single clan. You can only play with clan mates if they're on the same platform as you.
  • If you own expansions on one platform that raises the level cap—such as Forsaken—if you play on other platforms without it, your drops are capped at the lower level.
  • Your friends list will not move from to Steam.
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