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The Destiny 2 bobbleheads are an important collectible in the Season of the Haunted, and you'll have to find every one of them if you want to earn that season seal and get yourself a special title. There are nine altogether, scattered throughout the new Leviathan area, but also hidden within each of the weekly Sever activities.

Some are tricky to grab, such as the Castellum bobblehead, while others are almost hidden in plain sight. In this Destiny 2 Calus Bobblehead guide, I'll walk you through the locations for each of the nine bobbleheads so you can create your collection and complete the triumph needed to help get that seasonal title.

 Destiny 2 bobblehead locations

There are six Destiny 2 bobbleheads so far. Use the nav bar to jump to the one you're looking for, and scroll through each image gallery to help you pinpoint their exact locations.

Castellum bobblehead

When you transmat into the Castellum immediately walk forward and turn left to find a locked door with a switch next to it. The bobblehead is inside, but you can only open it after completing tier III of the Nightmare Containment event. Once completed, a message will appear saying that "Two lockdown protocols in the Castellum have temporarily lifted" randomnly unlocking two doors in the area. If you're in luck, you'll be able to open the door and grab the bobblehead. If not, you'll have to try again.

Royal Pools bobblehead

Enter the Royal Pools and head to the farthest right-hand side. Inside the long room with the pillars you’ll find a hole that leads down into a ship. Follow the corridor and you’ll eventually arrive at the bobblehead. 

Pleasure Gardens bobblehead

This one is by far the easiest. Head to the giant statue of Calus standing on the platform near the centre of the gardens and look behind it to find the bobblehead. 

Shame bobblehead

This bobblehead is found in the Sever (Shame) mission. Once you’ve unlocked it, work your way through the Leviathan until you reach the point where you’re asked to flip four manual override switches. One of them requires you to pick up a wrench and use it to turn off a wall of electricity blocking your path to one of the switches.

When you enter the room with the switch, jump along the pipes on the right side and climb up to find the bobblehead at the top of the room. 

Reconciliation bobblehead

This one is pretty easy to find. Head into the Sever (Reconciliation) mission, plant the first beacon, destroy the arc batteries, and crawl through the vents until you come out into a corridor.

Now, head right to the third vent entrance along. Crawl up through it and to your left you'll find the Calus bobblehead.

Grief bobblehead

Another easy one this week! After you plant the first amplifier in the new Sever Grief mission, a set of doors will open in front of you. Simply turn left, walk a little way, and look behind the crate to the right to find the Calus bobblehead.

Forgiveness bobblehead

To find this bobblehead, you'll have to work your way through the Sever (Forgiveness) activity until you place the amplifier just after you meet Zavala. You'll enter a long pipe-like room. Make your way through it until you have to jump up to a platform with two circular tanks on the right side (it's not far). Look up to your right and in between the tanks to spy a sneaky Calus bobblehead.

Rage bobblehead

In the Sever (Rage) activity, after you disable the electric barrier and drop down, you'll enter a room with a manual override switch in which an Unrelenting Nightmare appears and starts chasing you. Head along this room and turn left into a downwards sloping corridor. Keep heading straight until you reach the next room and drop off the edge of the platform.

Crawl underneath it and you'll find the Calus bobblehead.

Resolve bobblehead

For this one, you have to get to the point in Sever resolve where you've disabled the containment forcefield by burning the Unrelenting Nightmare.

Make your way along the room with the big fans until you've passed two of them, then look up to the left to see a platform. Jump up onto it and you'll find a small room with what looks like collapsed shelves.

Go to the far end and look down to the right to see the Calus bobblehead.

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