Where to find every Calus Automaton in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Calus Automaton
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The Destiny 2 Calus Automatons are one of the creepiest new additions in the Season of the Haunted; wrecked robots through which the ex-emperor of the Cabal talks to you and tries to convince you that, actually, the darkness ain't all that bad. Unlike the secret bobbleheads scattered around the Leviathan, each Calus Automaton can only be found in the Sever activities that unlock every week throughout the season itself.

If you want that coveted season title you'll have to earn a triumph by finding every one of these hidden robots. You'll also get a little dialogue for your trouble, as Calus relates his fall to the dark side and why being bad is good. In this Destiny 2 automaton locations guide, I'll tell you where to find the big bionic boy in each of the weekly Sever missions.

Destiny 2 automaton locations

Unlike the Calus bobblehead collectibles, you can only find the automatons in the weekly Sever activity. Here's where to find all six:

Shame automaton

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The first automaton is easy to find. Near the start of Sever (Shame), after you place the first ritual amplifier and destroy the arc barrier, you'll have to head into some tunnels. When you emerge, go right and you'll find the Calus Automaton at the end of the corridor. 

Reconciliation automaton

During Sever (Reconciliation) you'll have to fight waves of Cabal in a pitch black room, before entering a corridor where you'll talk to Crow through a window. He'll open a room to your left containing four switches. The switch on the left opens the door to continue the mission, while the switch on the right opens a room at the far end of the corridor containing some Scions. Head in there and you'll see the Calus Automaton. 

Grief automaton

Shortly after you start Sever (Grief), you'll enter a room with hanging gardens. Follow the walkway around and just as you're about to descend to the lower level, look to the right. You'll spot the Calus Automaton in-between two of the hanging plant pots against the side of the room. 

Forgiveness automaton

After you use the wrench to unlock the door near the beginning of Sever (Forgiveness), head through and turn right immediately. Follow the corridor around the corner, and then turn right again to find a small Scorn-filled room with the Calus Automaton. You might want to clear the Scorn in the area first before you sit down to listen to this one. 

Rage automaton

In Sever (Rage) you'll disable an arc forcefield and drop down a hole before entering a long room containing an Unrelenting Nightmare. Immediately to the right of the entrance there is an arc conduit above a door. Shoot the conduit to open it and head through into the corridor. Work your along until you spot a red pipe on the right side. Hop the barrels nearby to get behind the machinery and you'll find the Calus Automaton a little further along.

Resolve automaton

The final automaton is very straightforward. During the Sever (Resolve) mission, you'll drop down a hole and start fighting alongside Cabal coalition allies. Fight to the far end of the room and instead of turning left, head through the door in front of you. Turn left and you'll see the Calus automaton.

You'll have to finish clearing the room of enemies first if you want it to start speaking, though.

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