How to find and use Opulent Keys in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 opulent keys
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Looking for how to get Opulent Keys and use them in Destiny 2? These special items are unique to the new Leviathan patrol zone that the Season of the Haunted added, and can be used to claim seasonal weapons and gear. Every key has a lock, and these keys open the aptly-named Opulent Chests spread throughout the new region.

The Leviathan isn’t quite as expansive as it used to be, but you might still get a little lost trying to find all of the Opulent Chests, especially since your key won’t open every single one. You’ll have to try out lots in order to open one and get your loot. In this Opulent Key guide, I’ll run through how they work, how you can get more, and all six of the current Opulent Chest locations in the Royal Pools and the Pleasure Gardens areas.

Destiny 2 Opulent Keys: Where to find them

While battling nightmares on the Leviathan you’re likely to come across an Opulent Key. These special items are used to unlock chests scattered throughout the derelict ship, and reward you with seasonal gear and weapons. You can get your first key by following the new story quest, but there’s also a chance for one to drop when you complete activities such as patrols or containment. I even got one from opening a regular chest in the area.

Once you have your Opulent Key, you’ll have to find its corresponding chest. A clue to each will be listed in the item description, and it'll fit with one of the chest location names below.

Destiny 2 Opulent Chest locations 

So far there are six Opulent Chests that we know about onboard the Leviathan, scattered between the Royal Pools and the Pleasure Gardens: 

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Royal Pools, At the Feet of Greatness

This Opulent Chest is easy to find. As soon as you enter the Royal Pools coming from the Castellum, you’ll find it to the left of the big statue. 

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Royal Pools, Where Water Used to Fall

Head to the left side of the Royal Pool, past the four pillars, and up the stairs until you get to the area below the giant hanging brazier. The Opulent Chest is against the wall.  

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Royal Pools, Among Stately Columns 

Head to the right side of the Royal Pools. You’ll have to go through the central structure to get here but the Opulent Chest is easy to spot. It’s resting against the wall in the centre of the long pillared room with the glowing scythe spawn point. 

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Pleasure Gardens, Among the Ruins

As soon as you enter the Pleasure Gardens, jump over the rocks just to the right of you and down into the area with the broken pillar. The Opulent Chest is behind it. 

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Pleasure Gardens, Guarded by a Loyal Companion

On the left side of the Pleasure Gardens from where you enter from the Royal Pools, you’ll find a golden dog statue, and an Opulent Chest just below it. 

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Pleasure Gardens, By Fallen Greatness

At the farthest point from where you enter via the Royal Pools, you’ll find a Calus statue head buried in the dirt. Just in front of it is an Opulent Chest. 

And that's every Opulent Chest location I've found so far in the new season. I'll update this page if I come across anymore.

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