Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer reveals Season of the Hunt, Bungie promises to reduce FOMO

It's Destiny 2 'vidoc' day, meaning Bungie has released a chunky video explainer rounding up upcoming expansion Beyond Light's main features and attractions. Much of it touches on things we've already seen: Europa and the tease of secrets hiding underneath the ice; new exotic weapons and armour pieces; the new Stasis subclass that will let you freeze and shatter your enemies; and the new antagonist, the Fallen leader Eramis, who wields Stasis powers along with her lieutenants. It also reveals a couple of things that we didn't, like that the sound of the ice we'll be slinging was sourced from, among other things, a rumbly tummy and a breast pump.

Towards the end, though, Bungie lifts the veil on the next season of Destiny 2, called Season of the Hunt.

The season's story, which launches on November 17—a week after the release of Beyond Light—will focus on a figure that will be familiar to Destiny 2 lore nerds: Xivu Arath, one of Oryx's two sisters, and the Hive god of war. Players will also run into the newly resurrected Uldren Sorv—chief antagonist of the Forsaken expansion, now a Guardian with no memory of his past.

In addition to the story, Season of the Hunt will introduce the Wrathborn Hunt activity, which appears to take place on the currently underutilised Dreaming City—arguably one of the best locations in Destiny 2 right now.

Bungie has already revealed that it is directly addressing the complaints made of Year 3's seasonal model, and the fact that all seasonal activities and rewards disappeared at the end of each season. "Starting with Season of the Hunt," explains the Bungie's post, "most of the Seasonal content and all of the sweet gear will be sticking around for all of year 4. We hope this alleviates some of the FOMO that has been present with past Seasons. Now you can jump back in and experience past Seasons’ story, activities, and loot anytime during year 4."

Bungie has also released the Season of the Hunt roadmap, which you'll find below. While the main story and activities of the season don't start until November 17, you'll be able to start ranking up the season's battle pass and artefact as soon as Beyond Light launches. Later, the expansion's new raid will arrive on November 21.

Season of the Hunt's roadmap.

(Image credit: Bungie)
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