Destiny 2: Beyond Light exotics trailer features a gun that shoots bullets from an alternate timeline

Now that we're just over a month out from Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the next expansion for Bungie's compelling if oft-frustrating shooter, a new trailer has appeared to whet your appetite. Where the previous trailer focused on the new patrol zone of Europa, this one highlights one of the most important aspects of any new Destiny 2 release: new guns.

Four exotic weapons have been revealed for Beyond Light, along with a couple of armour pieces for each of the three classes. And there's some pretty wild stuff. For instance, Destiny 1's version of the No Time To Explain pulse rifle had a perk that returned precision hits back to the magazine. That's fine and all, but the new version being added to Beyond Light can open a portal that fires bullets from an alternate timeline.

Here's all of Beyond Light's exotic weapons:

  • No Time To Explain (Pulse Rifle): "Precision hits and hits against enemies affected by Stasis will return to the magazine. Stack this effect to summon a portal which will fire bullets from an alternate timeline of the weapon."
  • Cloudstrike (Sniper Rifle): "Precision final blows will generate lightning bolts at the target location. Rapid precision shots will summon an entire storm at the point of impact."
  • The Lament (Sword): "A mortal blade, a stalwart shield. Block with The Lament to rev the blade, then shred through shielded enemies. At its peak, damaging an enemy will heal the wielder."
  • Salvation's Grip (Grenade Launcher): "Redemption is within your grasp. Each fired projectile will create Stasis crystals that will freeze nearby targets. Charge to increase the amount of crystals created and the freeze radius."

Some fun perks, then, although these guns will all be competing against previous Exotics for a place in your loadout. Will they do enough to kick Izanagi's Burden, Anarchy and Divinity out of your kit?

It's also worth noting that, in the trailer, The Lament is specifically called out as shredding the shields of Barrier Champions. That suggests two things: 1) a lot of wipes in Grandmaster Nightfalls as your fireteam attempts to run at a Champion with a sword, and 2) that Bungie isn't planning to address the issue that only a small number of exotics will intrinsically counter Champion abilities. 

That's potentially disappointing, as it's one of the bigger roadblocks to build diversity in the current end-game. That said, this season did see the introduction of an armour based mod that lets any pulse rifle counter Unstoppable Champions. Hopefully more of that is planned for future seasons, as it helps bring exotics back into the PvE meta.

As for the gear, it's the usual mix of ability buffs and alterations. I like the idea of Titan's having a specific ability based around revives, giving them more utility for heroic moments that can save your fireteam from a wipe. And as a Warlock main, I'll happily take an exotic that has the potential to make top-tree Dawnblade even stronger in Crucible.

Here's all of Beyond Light's exotic gear:

  • Icefall Mantle (Titan Gauntlets): "Stand tall against the oncoming hordes with this reinforced armor that replaces the Titan’s Barricade with Overshield, absorbing damage from incoming fire."
  • Precious Scars (Titan Helmet): "Prove your strength, even when coming back from the brink. Upon revives, the Titan gains an Overshield aura that protects the wearer and nearby allies."
  • Mask of Bakris (Hunter Helmet): "Don the Mask to replace the Hunter’s Dodge ability with a longer range Shift ability that also temporarily cloaks the wearer during use."
  • Arthrys's Embrace (Hunter Gauntlets): "The Hunter’s weighted knife gains a second ricochet; rapid precision hits gain a damage bonus and can temporarily stagger enemies."
  • Dawn Chorus (Warlock Helmet): "Feel that sweet burn. The Warlock’s Daybreak projectiles deal extra damage and cause enemies to burn on contact. Gain melee energy each time a burn damages a target."
  • Necrotic Grip (Warlock Gauntlets): "A deadly caress, compounded. Melee attacks corrupt enemies with increasing damage over time. Defeating a corrupted combatant spreads the corruption to nearby targets and restores melee energy."

You'll be able to start chasing these goodies when Beyond Light launches on November 10. In the meantime, the Festival of the Lost event has just kicked off in game.

Phil Savage

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