How to get the Be True emblem in Destiny 2

Season of plunder gear
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The Destiny 2 Be True emblem marks Transgender Awareness Week and the Transgender Day of Remembrance for Bungie. To recognise these two occasions, you can grab the Be True emblem for free, and it's quite a cool looking one, with a hand in the colours of the Transgender flag clutching a lightning bolt.

If you're finishing off activities from the Season of Plunder, you might want to know how to solve the Cryptic Quatrain riddles, the Lost Sector rotation, or what the Nightfall weapon this week is, so you can grab any new exotics and disappearing weapons. Either way, here's how to get the Be True emblem in Destiny 2. 

How to get the 'Be True' emblem 

(Image credit: Bungie)

When you log into the game, Destiny 2 will give you a message with the Be True emblem, but if you skipped past it without getting the code, it's tricky to find it again, since Bungie haven't posted it on social media yet or in a blog post on the site. Here's the code you need:

  • ML3FD4ND9 - Be True emblem

To redeem it you have to: 

  • Head to the Bungie code redemption page
  • Log in to your account
  • Copy the code into the box and hit redeem
  • You can now find the emblem in-game in Collections in the Flair section—specifically the General tab. Be True is in the very middle.

Simply acquire it for free from there and you'll be able to equip it and celebrate Transgender Awareness Week yourself. 

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