Dell is finally taking orders for its crazy-expensive 30-inch 4K OLED monitor

You might not even remember that Dell once announced a 30-inch 4K OLED display. After all, that announcement came back at 2016! A year later, word on the web was that Dell cancelled plans to release the monitor due to image quality problems, but apparently those issues have been worked out.

A visit to Dell's website shows the UltraSharp UP3017Q available to order for $3,500, with shipping to take place in 1-2 weeks. That is a premium price for a 30-inch display, but it's also down from Dell's original $5,000 MSRP.

What you get for that sum is a big and beautiful OLED panel with a 3840x2160 resolution at 60Hz. Dell lists the response time at 0.1ms (black to white).

The UltraSharp UP3017Q can reproduce 1.07 billion colors. We assume Dell is using a true 10-bit panel here and not an 8-bit panel with Frame Rate Control (FRC), a dithering trick to simulate more colors.

As for the monitor's color gamut, it offers the following, according to Anandtech:

  • Adobe RGB: 100 percent
  • Rec 709: 100 percent
  • DCI-P3: 97.5 percent
  • REC2020: 85.8 percent

With those kind of ratings, Dell can target graphics professionals and enthusiasts alike with this display.

On the ergonomics side, the panel's stand support tilt (5 to 21 degrees), pivot (+90 to -90 degrees), and height (100mm) adjustments.

Connectivity consists of DisplayPort 1.2 an HDMI 2.0 inputs. It also features a USB Type-C port, which can be used for video and data transfers, along with power to deliver up to 100W.

If this is the monitor you've been holding out for, you can grab it here.

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