Defiance's debut DLC pack launches with a trailer


Trion Worlds may have shuttered the San Diego studio that made the sci-fi MMO Defiance, but it seems its promise to support Defiance with five pieces of DLC is holding strong with the first DLC release—the Castithan Charge Pack.

The $9.99 add-on comes with a new alien species known as (you guessed it) the “Castithans.” Thankfully, you don't need to abandon the character you already have to try the new species out, as you have the option to alter your existing character's species. As someone who prefers sticking to a single main character in MMOs, I personally think this is a pretty smart move on Trion's part.

There's also a new “horde-mode style” battle arena, which might sound a little more promising if it weren't restricted to single-player. You get a sweet energy sword out of it, but that's a small consolation for something that should really involve more than one person.

There's no word yet on when the other four DLC packs will be out, what new content they'll include, or even what their names are. The game's troubled history doesn't bode well for future content, but unlikelier things have happened before.