DeepCool launches frameless RGB fans that you can control over Wi-Fi

Fans are not overly complicated for fancy devices. They have blades that spin and push (or pull) air, and some of them light up. DeepCool has taken things a step further, however, by designing frameless RGB smart fan set that hooks into your wireless network.

DeepCool's new MF120 set comes with three fans and a controller for them to plug into to. Using a free app that is available for Android and iOS, you can then connect to the controller and cycle through five built-in lighting effects (dynamic, static, breathing, comet, and fashion collision) and 36 interchangeable lighting modes, and also adjust the speed.

We're not sure there is a whole lot of utility for controlling your case's fans with your smartphone, but if that's something you want to do, there you go.

The fans themselves are uniquely designed. They're frameless in the sense that they don't sit enclosed in a traditional frame, and instead have a pair of aluminum alloy spines that run down the back. 

"Its unique frameless design together with double-layer blade can generate positive air pressure and deliver maximum airflow with zero hindrance from the fan structure. The PWM fans can be active between a silent 500 rpm up-to a hefty 2200 rpm," DeepCool explains.

The fans will be available to purchase in April for $110 (MSRP).

Paul Lilly

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