Deep Silver teases new Saints Row reveal

For the last week, the cowled monks of Rumour Abbey have been chanting lowly about a possible Volition announcement at this weekend's PAX . But what could they be announcing? Well, given that the studio's owner, Deep Silver, didn't acquire the Red Faction series after THQ's demise, it's almost inevitable that the answer will be a new Saints Row. A recent tweet lends further support to this theory.

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That's a Ouija board and, on it, a Saints logo with the numbers 666 carved on. Likely, then, the new Saints Row will draw inspiration from the horror genre—replacing aliens and virtual reality playgrounds with, er, ghosts and stuff?

If so, it's kind of a brilliant direction for the series to travel. Saints Row 4 took a sci-fi setting—well, The Matrix—and used it to launch a comedy revue of gaming. The idea that future games could do the same for different genres? Yeah, I'll take that.

Expect the project to be announced at the "Quiz Show Hour with Volition" panel, starting this evening at 6pm BST .

Phil Savage

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