Deathloop, Arkane's dueling assassins game, is delayed to mid-2021

Deathloop, Arkane's sexy-'60s game about dueling immortal assassins and a party that will not stop, will not be out this year. The studio announced today that, because of the difficulties of developing a game in the midst of a global pandemic, it's been forced to push the release to the second quarter of 2021.

"As we've adjusted to work-from-home, we found that delivering this new and exciting experience, at the polish and quality level that defines both an Arkane game and a true next-gen experience, is taking longer than normal," developer Arkane Lyon said on Twitter.

"This extra time will allow our team to bring Deathloop's world to life with as much character and fun as you've come to expect from our team. While we know this is the right decision for Deathloop, we share your disappointment, and apologize for making you wait even longer."

Deathloop is an FPS about two assassins trapped in a time loop on the mysterious island of Blackreef: One desperately wants to escape, and the other is having the absolute time of her life and wants to ensure that the first guy doesn't ruin it all by breaking the loop. It looks a lot like a more action-focused Dishonored, except with guns and an Austin Powers makeover for some reason. It was originally announced at E3 2019, and while a release date hadn't been set it was expected to be out in time for the 2020 holiday season.

Andy Chalk

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