Dead or Alive 6 will get its final DLC next month

(Image credit: Koei Tecmo)

After just over a year and three separate season passes, Dead of Alive 6 will get its final DLC in mid-April. The fighter is famous for its endless stream of downloadable cosmetics, most of which can be purchased in bulk via season passes. These often cost more than the base game itself.

That said, for those reluctant to cough up the money for the expensive season passes, most costumes, characters and music tracks can be purchased individually. At the time of writing, there are 422 purchasable DLC packs for the game. It's frankly mind-boggling.

The final Dead or Alive 6 patch, v1.22 will address some as yet unspecified bugs, but it'll also usher in new 'high society costumes' and 'school uniforms'. The game will continue to work as expected: online matches, rankings, and the DLC store will stay.

Of course, it's possible to play Dead or Alive 6 without spending anything, thanks to the Core Fighters edition. While it only offers four fighters, it does give you access to online ranked fights, Versus, Arcade, Time Attack, Training and Quest modes, as well as an introduction to the story.

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