DC Universe Online release date, pricing, details


We got to see DC Universe Online at E3, and Sony Online Entertainment let us know that it'll launch in November with a $14.99 monthly subscription. Players can create heroes or villains (but no swapping sides here), and interact with every big name character in the DC Universe - including Batman, Joker, Superman, and the Green Lantern. Also, some game details:

PvP servers will allow completely free open world PvP opportunities and PvE servers will be available for those less-inclined to be ambushed by super hero gankers at any second while playing. There are nine options for weapon types (sword, ring, etc), 7 power sets (gadgets, magic, etc), and 3 movement styles (acrobatic, flying, etc). Gotham and Metropolis will both be featured at launch as the two main cities for players to solve/commit crimes in.