Leaked DayZ Standalone footage appears to come from an early build

Could this be leaked footage of DayZ's standalone version? It looks like everyone's favorite zombie-survival game, all right, but with an interestingly candy-colored inventory screen, among other features.

Uploaded to YouTube yesterday by an EE Knots (no relation to e.e. cummings), the gameplay footage shows off what looks like post-mod version of DayZ. Ominously quiet abandoned farmhouses? Lots of schlepping around? A none-too-bright zombie army randomly interspersed between the buildings? Check to all three. Knots admits that he's not an official tester, but doesn't mention how he obtained this build.

While this very well could be DayZ Standalone, which is in closed alpha testing , the YouTube commenters are probably correct in guessing that it's an older build. The reworked inventory system looks to still be in a nascent stage, and some of the character animations look awfully stiff. Knots describes the build as "terribly optimized"—it's likely this wasn't intended for eyes outside of the initial testing team.