DayZ leaves Early Access next week

Survival game DayZ entered Early Access in December of 2013. It's taken six years, but DayZ 1.0 will be released on PC next week. On December 13, DayZ will finally leave Early Access behind.

Here's a thirty second trailer that probably won't knock your socks off because it's terrible, but hopefully it signifies that Bohemia Interactive is simply too busy working on the actual game to edit an awesome sizzle reel together:

Bohemia has said DayZ 1.0 isn't the end of development, especially since a number of expected features won't make it into the launch version of the game next week. For instance, grenades will be a no-show in 1.0, which would seem like a pretty standard feature in a survival shooter. Base-building, on the other hand, which has been tested on experimental servers for the past couple of months, will be included.

It's been a long road for DayZ, which midway through development switched game engines, slowing things down considerably. It also saw the departure of creator Dean Hall in 2014, as well as creative director Brian Hicks earlier this year.

Christopher Livingston
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