DayZ dev video shows us 20 minutes of footage from the standalone

Rocket and Lightfoot. It sounds like the name of a new cartoon animal duo, but thankfully for us it's referring to the DayZ standalone's project lead Dean "Rocket" Hall and production assistant Matt "Lightfoot" Lightfoot, who have teamed up to narrate this 20-minute slice of the impending zombocalypse. It's the first time we've seen the game in motion, and it seems to be coming along quite niceZ.

Among other things, the video shows us DayZ's revamped food system, which now leaves behind empty cans after you've munched on a delicious meal of beans. There are also motorcycle helmets, more detailed environments, and many, many more zombies in the game - around 3,000 currently spawning (centrally) on the server, with the promise of more. All in all, there's a nice big chunk of DayZ footage here, though it seems we'll have to wait a while longer to see the standalone's zombies in action, which are being given fancy new skeletons for the occasion, eliminating the classic zigzagging animation once and for all.

(Thanks to PCGamesN )

Tom Sykes

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