Day of Infamy release date confirmed for this month

Day of Infamy is the standalone expansion for 2014 war shooter Insurgency that hit Early Access last July. After just three months of pre-release bunker living, the WW2-inspired total conversion will breach the bounds of full release on March 23.

Naturally, Day of Infamy has a trailer to mark the occasion. Let's have a peek at that first: 

So what's new on the western front as DoI marches towards full release? Unit Systems, says developer New World Interactive, whereby players can collect digital militaria items "in the form of new character art" which represents factions' regiments and divisions. Rank progression will also unlock random units for players to use and/or trade. 

A new difficulty, Commando Cooperative, also comes to the frontlines—where players can make use of a new PvE playlist, complete with "elite" AI opponents and "limited fire" support options. Day of Infamy also boasts ten maps, now including Foy and Crete.   

"With launch date on the horizon, we are feeling the hype from our community and know that gamers are ready for a visceral WWII experience," says New World's creative director Andrew Spearin. 

Day of Infamy launches in full two weeks from today on March 23, 2017. Until then, read Steven's early impressions from E3 last year, and check out the game's first in-game footage which debuted at the PC Gaming Show last year: