Dawn of War 3 release date set, pre-orders detailed with trailer

Relic Entertainment and Sega's incoming real-time strategy affair Dawn of War 3 now has a release date: April 27, 2017. To celebrate the occasion, it's launched a new trailer which details its pre-order specifics assuming doing so tickles your fancy. 

First, that: 

Beyond the Warhammer 40,000 game's Standard Edition, its Collector's Edition comes packing a premium disc book, a lenticular art card, the game's OST, a replica of the Godsplitter Daemon Hammer, three mounted cloth faction banners and the Master of War Skin Pack. DoW 3's Limited Edition comes with that same disc book, the art card and the soundtrack. 

Should pre-ordering be your cup of tea, doing so will net you the aforementioned skin pack, three further cosmetic skins for the game's Super Walkers including the Dark Queen skin for imperial knight Lady Solaria, the Ghost Seer skin for wraithknight Farseer Taldeer, and the Big Kustom skin for Morkanaut Beauty.   

"We’re thrilled to tell fans know that they don’t have to wait much longer to return to battle," says game director Philippe Boulle. "The whole team can’t wait to bring back Dawn of War, bigger and better than ever. April can’t come soon enough!"

Earlier this year, Frazer Brown enjoyed his time with DoW 3's Eldar space elves— and I enjoyed this particular extract:

"A siege needs a battering ram, I thought, so I gathered every unit and just charged. The plan was to disperse when we got into the base, but there wasn’t even time. As my valiant Eldar warriors got to the top of the ramp leading up to the battlements, they took out the sentries huddled underneath an energy dome, and then the Whirlwind happened. From its distant position the tank unleashed its devastating payload, annihilating everything in the blast zone. My floating anti-vehicle Shadow Spectres, my beloved Falcon troop transports, my big, sexy Wraithblades—all gone. 

"The other half survived in large part thanks to Wraithknight Taldeer, another Elite unit. It’s a massive mech, housing twin pilots—though one of them is a corpse—and wields an equally massive sword. As well as being able to charge at enemies and carve them up with its blade, it can also plonk down a shield. It soaks up damage and slows enemies down when they pass through it, while buffing allies. It saved a lot of lives." 

Dawn of War 3 is due April 27, 2017. Until then, check out Tom's early impressions of its multiplayer.