Dawn of War 3 Jain Zar unit revealed

Image credit: warhammer40k.wikia.com

As Dawn of War 3 marches towards release next year, Sega and Relic have steadily teased snippets of information about its units and heroes. Today, Jain Zar is the next in line to be revealed—"one of the most fabled Eldar in recent times." 

A fierce melee Elite, Jain Zar specilises in high mobility and damage, and incorporates a Dash ability so as to quickly evade harm in battle. By using Silent Death, Jain Zar can snipe enemies at distance and when this is combined with Dash she is sent her skyward, allowing her to pick foes off from the mid-air.  

Said to have been born during the Fall of Eldar, Jain Zar spent the majority of her formative years searching the galaxy for survivors. In doing so she rescued the first of the Phoenix Lords, Asurmen, and in turn went on to become a Phoenix Lord herself—before thereafter roaming the stars and establishing Howling Banshee shrines among the Craftworld of her people.

"When a Phoenix Lord dies, their mightiest Exarch step into their armour. Doing so infuses their spirit within the armour’s spirit stone," says publisher Sega in a statement. "This process reincarnates Jain Zar, consuming the soul of the Exarch who brought her back. In essence, Jain Zar has lived many times over, and the whisperings that she is emerging once more have proven to be true."

See the new recruit herself in 360° via this neat interactive 3D character model: 

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