Watch the first gameplay from Dawn of War 3

The first gameplay trailer for Dawn of War 3 debuted at The PC Gaming Show during E3 2016, and it looks as hectic and crowded as we hoped for. Dawn of War 2 focused on smaller squads of elite soldiers, a massive departure from the original's traditional base-building RTS mechanics, but Dawn of War 3 is set to combine the two styles. Huge populated battles are making a comeback, made up of three primary unit types. 

Line units are basic infantry, elite units are named units with persistent RPG-like progression—think Dawn of War 2—and super units. See that big walking space marine mechanoid? That’s the Imperial Knight, apparently one of the biggest units Relic has ever created. Gatling cannon arms, back-mounted rocket launcher, a shiny chrome shell—this unit has it all, hence the ‘super’ moniker. Just expect to put plenty of back-breaking space marine murder before building it.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Dawn of War 3 coming out of E3, or catch up with Tom Senior’s detailed eyes-on breakdown.

James Davenport

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