Darkwood release date set with eerie live-action trailer

Remember Darkwood? You know, the successfully crowdfunded top-down survival horror game that entered Early Access in 2014? That's right, the wonderful scare 'em up that was sort of reminiscent of Teleglitch but with a far more robust tool system whose slower pace in turn cranked its tension up to 11. Yeah, that one—it's now got a launch date. When? August 17. 

To mark the announcement, developer Acid Wizard Studio has released the following live-action trailer:

I'm not a huge fun of live-action trailers, and interesting games like Darkwood don't need them. With this in mind I'd rather share its now three years old interactive alpha trailer, which still holds up today:

With that, Darkwood tasks players with free-roaming its horror world by day and hiding out at night—setting traps and engineering barricades to boost what the devs reckon is a "faint" chance of survival. You'll meet a cast of quirky character along the way, whose minds may or may not have been warped by injecting the world's mutated fauna and flora. 

"Remember: don't trust anyone," says Acid Wizard House. Whether you heed that advice or not, Darkwood is due August 17—more information can be found via the game's official site.