DARK's here to remind us what vampirism is really about

And there I was, fashionably believing that vampirism was all about eternal romance, unfulfilled bloodlust, and flawless porcelain skin. Silly me! This new trailer for DARK is here to remind us what vampirism is really about—sustaining one's life on the blood of one's enemies, say, and lots of ominous stalking around in the shadows. Cheerful stuff, you know.

Nice to see they haven't skirted the trope of vampires in nightclubs, at least. Anyway, this is a showcase of the powers available to our vampy hero, Eric Bane. It's got all the sort of semi-stealth stuff you'd expect, including... is that long-range blood-sucking? As a stealth fan I dig the idea of being able to teleport behind a foe to punch him in the neck, and I don't find the slight comic-book aesthetic half-bad. DARK's out this summer to those of us wanting to spice up the warm nights with some blood spillage and brain-addling.