Darkest Dungeon's first expansion is coming next month

Darkest Dungeon, the actually-quite-depressing roguelike RPG that is very, very good, is getting its first expansion next month. Dubbed The Crimson Court, it's releasing on June 19, with more details forthcoming. As for now, there are a few things Darkest Dungeon players might already have caught wind of, such as a new hero class and a new wandering boss called The Fanatic.

Meanwhile, a new dungeon region called The Courtyard will be added, and there's a "full faction" of new enemies to worry about. This new Courtyard region will feature four new bosses boasting "some of the most complex and devious mechanics yet" according to the devs.

There's also "massive, sprawling maps" new districts with "prestige buildings" and a lore-driven trinket set to look forward to. There will be screenshots and presumably a video coming soon, as well as more details on what the expansion has to offer. The full update is over here.

Shaun Prescott

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