Dark Souls: Remastered won't have cross-play

Following the PC reveal of Dark Souls: Remastered, there was talk of discounts for owners of the original game. Bandai Namco told us this wasn't the case, a community manager said price cuts were unconfirmed, before a different spokesperson said "there is no official discount announced for the title at this time." Clearly this story has more open ends than a Souls side quest. 

What appears to be more certain, praise the sun, is the question of cross-play. With the Souls remaster set to feature on consoles and desktops alike, the folks at IGN raised the matter of online crossovers with the publisher. 

Dark Souls: Remastered "will not have cross-platform play," said Bandai Namco. 

Which seems pretty clear cut, even in the face of its pricing uncertainties. I guess we'll have to make do with "upscaled 4K resolution with 60FPS" in our return to Lordran on May 25. 

If you're desperate to lock horns with your console counterparts, you could always wait for Rocket League's planned cross-play features. Be warned, though, players are still misbehaving in a number of ways some years after launch.