Dark Souls mod makes enemy monsters obsessively aggressive

Boosting the difficulty in a game like Dark Souls is asking for trouble. Already famous for its tough game systems and clever monsters, the RPG now has a mod that bizarrely makes enemies even more aggressive and tough.

The mod, created by JITD and available here , alters enemy behavior by tweaking their AI. No longer content to sit and wait for you to show your face before bringing down a piece of twisted metal on your delicate and hollow corpse body, the mod makes it so enemies will detect players from vast distances, a change sure to alter some of the fundamental expectations of violence in the dungeon crawler's various environments.

In a way similar to other mods for Dark Souls, JITD's Aggressive Mod looks like it has the potential to create some strange new experiences in the venerable RPG. JITD does warn, however, that the tweak can also make some NPCs in the game follow players around, something the modder says is a "collateral effect." This would of course make some NPCs hard to keep alive.

As we can see below in YouTube user VaatiVidya's test of the new tweak, enemy encounters with the mod installed have a distinct—and perhaps more surprising—quality all their own. After all, understanding how enemies behave and react to your presence and your tactics is one of the bedrock principles for advancement in Dark Souls. By turning that system on its head, the mod looks like a creative way to freshen up the game, even after multiple playthroughs.

Hat tip, Eurogamer .