First-person Dark Souls mod adds flailing and nausea to difficulty

Last year's Dark Souls was a fun third-person hack 'n slash, but everything is better with a little tinkering. Now a modder has adjusted the default view to zoom the camera right into the back of the player's head. The result is a nauseating journey into a world of flailing arms and upside-down elbows, but if it helps you get in character, I say go for it.

Youtube user Soul Slasher posted the above video showing off the new view. At first everything seems pretty normal. Forearm holding sword, check. Backside of a metal shield, check. It initially looks like a cross between Dark Souls and Skyrim . Then the player starts running, glitching off of walls and battling the undead. The video is 11 minutes long, but I had to look away after less than half of that.

The uploader notes that this version is mostly unplayable, and I have to agree. Still, it's a cool idea. A few years ago the addictive infestation shoot-em-up Alien Swarm was converted to first person with great results. Let this be a new trend: convert everything to first person, try to keep the glitching to a minimum and slap an Oculus Rift on it. It'll change everything.

Thanks, Kotaku .