Dark Souls Enemy Placement mod is a total nightmare

The first time I played JITD's Dark Souls Aggressive Mod I nearly had a breakdown. Miyazaki's nightmarescape in its most basic state is challenging enough, therefore arbitrarily upping its difficulty seemed somewhat unnecessarily cruel. A series of other painstaking mods have since followed suit, the latest of which reallocates the placement of Lordran's hostile wanderers.  

Reddit user gumbenzoin's Enemy Placement is a work-in-progress mod that was originally designed as a private project "made for myself and a friend to make our coop more interesting," so says its creator. He or she has now turned it over to the public in an act of kindness/abject torment. 

As you'll see in the short footage below, Enemy Placement "features tons of enemies packed into small spaces for maximum annoyance" and at present covers the game's Undead Burg and Parish, Darkroot Garden and Blighttown. Seriously, the latter chills me to my core.

Should you wish to match this mod with, say, the Dark Souls Item Randomizer mod, Reddit user HotPocketRemix explains you can do so by downloading the files from this mediafire link, and then put them in 'DATA\map\MapStudio\'. This will overwrite three files, so back ups are naturally advised.

So, are you planning some videogames-related R&R this weekend? Perhaps you're better leaving this one till Monday.